Cultural reach
Wallpaper|January 2021
Hyundai Motor is supporting contemporary art to address the questions of our time

Far more than a means of transportation, a car is an expression of identity and a lifestyle choice. Accordingly, the contemporary car manufacturer needs to take a holistic approach to conception and design. With its vision of ‘progress for humanity’, Hyundai Motor goes as far as seeking to shape values and inspire innovation; it aspires to transcend the realm of technology and enhance our lives. By facilitating cultural experiences, exhibitions and installations, the company hopes to open up purposeful conversations for a better future. It sees art as a prism through which we can increase our understanding of the world and therefore strive to improve it.

‘We think that transforming people’s lives for the better will be possible only when technology reflects a deep understanding of society and the progressive ethos of art,’ says Cornelia Schneider, vice president and head of Global Experiential Marketing. ‘Hyundai Motor believes that the value of art lies in its understanding and respect for humanity. Art poses important questions for society and widens our view of the world. With our engagement in art, we offer platforms to inspire, to listen, and to create a better future for all of us.’

Despite the challenges created by the global pandemic and the restrictions it has imposed on access to the arts around the world, Hyundai Motor has continued to explore culture and creativity with major initiatives during 2020.

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