The Fourth Of Bell & Ross' Popular Skull-themed Collection Takes A Futuristic Turn
WOW Singapore|Issue 60
The fourth of Bell & Ross’ popular skull-themed collection takes a futuristic turn
Asaph Low

A confluence of haute horlogerie, art and design manifests itself in a striking timepiece that leaves a lasting impression long after you have seen it. At the very heart of it lies a skull whose symbolism extends past values of memento mori and vanitas (death and mortality) and adopted as various military insignia over the centuries.

From the Vikings to buccaneers and even the paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st American Airborne Divisions during the Normandy landings, the skull displayed the bravery of formidable fighters. Drawing on the spirit of the courageous, Bell & Ross put forth the fourth iteration of their skull-themed timepiece, the BR01 Cyber Skull.

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