WOW Singapore|WOW Jewellery 2021
Sheila Sim gets cosy with Zenith as she joins the brand’s DreamHers

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Keep Singapore's Books Clean

The city-state wants to prove it’s safe not just for wealthy tycoons but for investors, too

3 mins read
Bloomberg Businessweek
March 15, 2021

José Jeuland 2020 BIG SURPRISES

It was the end of 2019, welcoming the year 2020 when I told myself that it would be a great year

3 mins read
Lens Magazine
December 2020

Keeping Up With the Lees


10+ mins read
Reason magazine
January 2021

Customizing Time

As more and more of today’s consumers look for watches that make a truly personal statement, the art of customization is in rising demand. Here we offer one of the most comprehensive looks at customizing time.

9 mins read
Watch Time
September - October 2020

On the Rise

Premium economy soars in popularity and profitability for airlines.

5 mins read
Global Traveler
Class Act 2020

What You Don't Know About...Singapuras

Good Things Come In Small Packages

6 mins read
Cat Talk
June 2020

Pushing the BOUNDARIES of Creativity

The studio offers unlimited options and creativity.

3 mins read
Lens Magazine
May 2020


Since the late 1960s, the Defy has been Zenith’s go-to recipe for a progressive take on watchmaking. WatchTime takes a look at the current state of the Swiss brand’s collection.

7 mins read
Watch Time
May - June 2020

Do You Really Want a Flying Car?

It's the year 2020. So where are all the flying cars? The vast majority of people still get to work and school in boring, ground-bound cars. Not to mention buses, trains, and bikes.

2 mins read
Muse Science Magazine for Kids
May/June 2020

Leading the Way

Singapore balances priorities as it forges a sustainable future.

7 mins read
Global Traveler
April 2020