Patek Philippe Begins A New Chapter For The Twenty~4
WOW Singapore|WOW Jewellery 2021
Patek Philippe begins a new chapter for the Twenty~4, while retaining its original proportions
Ashok Soman

If you are anything like us, you rejoiced when the news of a new Patek Philippe Twenty~4 dropped. Of course, we loved the automatic Twenty~4 that debuted last year (it was on the cover of this annual edition in 2019) but we also worried a little about the fate of the rectangular quartz model, which WatchesbySJX reminds us is sometimes referred to as the Manchette (the website is the only one to style that with a capital M). Considering that this is entry-level and daily beater territory, you might also think that this is much ado about nothing. Well, to that point, consider this rejoinder: it is good to get in on the ground floor and work your way up.

Brands such as Patek Philippe pride themselves on offering the same levels of craftsmanship and service at all levels, and you can really put this to the test with the most basic models. Being right at the bottom of the watchmaking pyramid, you do get to ask pertinent questions that will follow you throughout your watch collecting journey. First up, desirability.

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