Mechanical Engineering
WOW Singapore|Issue 60
Citizen releases first new in-house mechanical movement since 2010

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‘It's Always Been About Exclusion'

America is a diverse nation of immigrants—but it was not intended to be, and its historical biases continue to haunt the present.

10+ mins read
The Atlantic
May 2021


If they wanted, City Council members could add teeth to public oversight of CMPD. Will they?

7 mins read
Charlotte Magazine
November 2020

And a Week of Watching

The agony of cable news (Kornacki notwithstanding).

4 mins read
New York magazine
November 09, 2020

The Election That Could Break America

If the vote us close, Donald Trump could easily throw election into chaos. Who will stop him?

10+ mins read
The Atlantic
November 2020

Make America Again

The country is at alow point –our civic bonds frayed, our politics toxic. But we may be on the cusp of an era of radical reform that advances citizens' rights opportunity, and repairs our broken democracy.

10+ mins read
The Atlantic
October 2020

Debt Collector

Donald Trump has nearly $500 million in loans coming due. They may be his biggest conflict of interest yet.

6 mins read
Mother Jones
July/August 2020


Documents and images shared by users outside China on WeChat, the country’s most popular social media platform, are being monitored and cataloged for use in political censorship in China, a new report says.

1 min read
Techlife News
Techlife News #446

Andrew Frame – Maestros del desastre

Crímenes, asaltos... ¡caos! Mientras las redes sociales suelen mostrar una realidad filtrada e higienizada, Andrew Frame, fundador de la app Citizen, aprovecha datos del 911 para ofrecerte, directamente a ti, una fuente de información sobre crímenes y desorden en vivo. ¿Es el futuro de la seguridad pública o sólo un escáner de la policía del siglo XXI?

10+ mins read
Forbes México
Agosto - Septiembre 2019

Hello, Dolly!

Follow Dolly Gallagher Levi, professional matchmaker, and meddler, as she heads to Yonkers, New York, to find a match for the miserly “half-a-millionaire” Horace Vandergelder.

1 min read
Where Boston
August 2019

Home At Last

More than 700,000 immigrants become U.S. citizens each year. For one woman from India, citizenship was a journey of the heart—and soul

7 mins read
March 2019