Runway|Winter 2019
What was your favorite look from your Runway cover shoot and why?

The Malan Breton black dress because it made me feel like I was the black swan from the ballet Swan Lake.

Do you attend any global fashion weeks or runway shows?

I have attended New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Arab Fashion Week and L.A. Fashion Week. I absolutely love fashion – the art, the story, the emotion behind it reminds me so much of WWE and the shows we put on. Going to runway shows inspires me in so many ways and I have pulled a lot of inspiration in my wrestling gear from fashion shows and designers.

Who are your favorite red-carpet fashion designers?

I have so many; I guess it depends on what red carpet it is and what the vibe of the event and carpet is. A couple of my favorites for red carpets include, Charbel Zoe, Aadnevik, Ralph & Russo, Malan Breton, Rami Kadi, and Jeremy Scott. Ever since I was a little girl, Versace was my favorite designer and I dreamed of wearing a custom designed Versace dress on the red carpet. Now my dream is to wear Versace custom designed wrestling gear. I want to be the first person to really bring fashion into the WWE. We aren’t just athletes; we are also entertainers putting on one of the most entertaining shows in the world.

Tell us about your personal style.

I believe your style should say something about yourself without saying a word. There are lots of different sides of me – I love to dress up and be very glamorous and ravishing and that is the side of me you see when I come out on Monday Night Raw as the “Ravishing Russian.” I also travel 300 days of the year and love to be comfortable. So, I have developed a street style that is cool sweats, boots, jackets, and beanies. I love comics and Star Wars, so I wear a lot of comic tees & beanies. I started to combine my Ravishing/glamour style with my street style – I’ll pair a comic t-shirt with a dressy skirt, and a designer belt. I can dress it up with high heels or dress it down with sneakers. If I have to do press, instead of wearing a suit & blazer with a blouse, I pair it with a Star Wars shirt. I feel that I’m expressing something about myself without saying anything. That’s what your style should be – a reflection of yourself.

Is there anything in your closet that you cannot live without?

My Louis Vuitton collection of bags. I think it’s very important to invest in timeless pieces. Louis Vuitton bags and luggage are timeless, and the leather only gets better with age.

Describe yourself in three words.

Risk-Taker, Ravishing, Resilient.

What is it like being a WWE Diva?

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