A Hair-Raising Dilemma
HAIR|March 2020
With more and more millenials dealing with grave hair loss issues, it’s time to face the concern head on and present you some practical and visually-appealing way-outs
Anushka Singhal

Generation Y and Z (millennials and postmillennials) are facing issues of hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff, flaky skin, split-ends, dryness, itching, and excessive oil secretion to name a few. With changing times and people becoming more conscious about hair problems and appearance, it pushed us to discuss these issues and their possible solutions at length. So all you gorgeous teens, youngsters and professionals, drop your self-doubts and understand what you’re really suffering from. Remember, we are in this together.


There are a number of factors which lead to the extremely common problem of hair thinning and loss— diet, environment and the most important one being stress. And while we take measures to eat right and condition our hair well to prevent the issue, we are just not able to reduce our stress levels. Blame it on the lifestyle for a lot of us have even fallen prey to problems such as Psoriasis (scalp psoriasis being extremely common), Seborrhoeic Dermatitis or even Alopecia Areata. And since looks do matter to all of us, we have started looking for possible solutions to these concerns.

The first solution we all turn to are the DIY (Do It Yourself) home remedies. However, in the age of technology, social networking or online entertainment, these remedies have only added more fuel to the fire. From applying food items to various sorts of oils, exercising the right muscles and even following a strict routine, everything is tried by us to gather compliments and admiration from others and our ownselves when we look into the mirror. All the hard work does fetch some results but they are not as satisfactory as we had expected them to be.


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