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This March, as we celebrate the spirit of women empowerment and feminine power, we take a glance into the lives of women who have conquered tough times to shine bright and they are the heroes of their own stories.
Manokriti Bedi


She is as beautiful as watching the sun set in the sea. Actress Isha Rikhi, who has featured in Punjabi films, had made her Bollywood debut with Nawabzaade and won hearts of many.

Isha started her career as a model, she slayed it well and made her way in Pollywood and Bollywood.

Describe yourself in one word?


Tell us something more about Isha Rikhi in real life.

Isha in real life is very simple. She likes her warm cup of tea in the mornings, lounging around the house in her sweatpants and obsesses over her sister and mother.

How did you get into Punjabi Industry?

It was all in the destiny. I never wanted to become an actor. I wanted to win the Miss India pageant. That's the dream I came to Mumbai with. Then after I started modeling I got my first break in a Punjabi film. That's when it all started. I decided to act and feel glad of having made that decision.

Do you think Punjabi Industry has evolved?

Everything evolves with time; I think that the Punjabi Industry has evolved a lot over a period of time and for good. There are more options for females actors, the script, the storyline and the characters are much stronger than it used to be.

Do you think there is gender inequality in Punjabi Industry?

If I need to be honest, then yes! There are male centric roles and very less importance is given to the females.

How the industry has evolved you as a person?

It has surely inclined me more towards my culture and roots. You get to know so much about Punjab and its traditions.

How much time does it take you to come out of the character you are playing?

It hardly takes time, say few minutes.

How do you take criticism?

Quite positively.

So you learned this tactic in the later stages of life or you were like that from day 1?

I have always been like this. I believe in spreading positive vibes and I keep myself calm and compose. Sometimes the criticism is for your own good and when it is not – simply ignore it.

Any such news or comment that broke you down?

Have come a lot far from all of this entire (inhale-exhale).

What do you see in the script before opting for the role?


What is your opinion about the casting couch prevalent in both the industry?

By the grace of God, I have never been the victim of the casting couch so I really can’t comment over it.

What do you have to say about nepotism?

No comments.

Any tip you would like to share for the budding actors?

What’s meant to be will always find a way.


Most of the people in the world don’t stay grounded once they achieve their goal and become successful but fortunately there are certain people in the world who know how to take success and use it to become better rather than being high headed, one such lady love is Damini Anand. A renowned name in the fashion industry, the rare combination of beauty with brain, we explore more about her and her journey.

Please tell us something about yourself. Our brand is nearly three decades old, it was started by mother Ms Rajni Anand under the name Anand Boutique and about 8 years ago, after completing my course from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, I and my mother co-founded ADS by Damini Anand. Getting to do what I love the most was a dream come true and doing with my Mom (my biggest support) and the backbone of our organization is what I'm immensely grateful for.

Share details about your business.

Over the years, we have earned an enormous clientele across the globe because ADS is a brand that straddles the present while rooted in India's heritage of traditional artistry. We are a team of about 50 people working with all our heart and soul for this label because I truly believe that fashion plays a defining role in enhancing a person's confidence and sense of self, and I try to make sure that every client wearing my label feels that confidence and self-love.

How is your brand giving the right fashion goals? As fashion industry is rarely there in Punjab?

I feel that the modern day woman from Punjab is very much independent and confident. She is elegant and sophisticated, with global exposure and values her roots immensely, regardless of where she lives. She appreciates the craft done by hand, its uniqueness and rarity, yet creates her own identity interwoven to her roots and we eventually lend an edge to her sense of style with our creativity.

What is the most challenging thing for a designer today?

Being a designer is most challenging, besides the fact that you have to evolve in your designs and yourself, every single day. You also have to be marketing savvy, you need to know the numbers, and you need to know the business.

What advice would you give young women who want to follow a similar career path as you?

You should have a vision and stand by it at all times. Be creative and original in all that you do. Always listen to your heart and instinct. Follow your passion and success will follow.

When starting a new piece, what is your process like?

The initial phase starts with an idea, concept or a theme. I then start detailing out the collection, in the form of silhouettes, art work, motifs, etc. I study, research and experiment with various materials, colors, embroidery techniques to finalize the detailed intricate work of every outfit of the collection.

The best part about your work?

The versatility and diversity of the fashion industry has always fascinated me. I'm always intrigued by the remarkable ideas and knowledge that manifest through every individual who has a different, more innovative; more captivating thought to share with the world, learning something new every day is the most amazing thing about my work.

And, the worst?

My work demands a lot of time, so much so that sometimes I don't even get time for myself. Being a designer, one can never feel relaxed, we are always on our toes making sure that the orders shouldn't get delayed, and the quality should be upto the mark etc.

How do you deal with the competition?

Each designer has a unique design philosophy and is known for his/her particular aesthetic and we truly respect that. We at ADS create a custom curated experience for all our clients that make us stand out.

What's your USP?

We combine traditional crafts and modern silhouettes. We have been using age-old craft in a new way that appeals to the modern aesthetic of our clients. We create clothes keeping in mind our muse, her tastes and experiences too. Our intricately hand-worked and handmade timeless ensembles create an everlasting impression on all.

According to you, what are the trends for 2021?

The bridal trends for 2021 will witness a return to more traditional & ethnic outfits. Since more & more brides are now opting for destination weddings and it’s mostly during the daytime, so the color palette will be more pastels. You will see pastels dominating the bridal trends in day weddings with ensembles in colours like golden hues, champagne, salmon pink, ivory & beige, burnished gold’s, rose tints etc. Lighter shades will also gain prominence in trousseaus. Theatrical, larger-than-life silhouettes -- dramatic lehengas, sheer sarees, and regal suits will be seen.

What do we find in your wardrobe?

I love to experiment with colors and silhouettes, from asymmetrical skirts to pastel chiffon suits, from chic short dresses to elaborate gowns, from dhoti suits to trail lehengas; I love to wear them all.


Human performance, impossible dreams and challenges fascinate her. She believes not only in innovation but also improvisation.

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This March, as we celebrate the spirit of women empowerment and feminine power on Women’s Day, we take a glance into the lives of women who have conquered tough times to shine bright and they are the heroes of their own stories.

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This March, as we celebrate the spirit of women empowerment and feminine power, we take a glance into the lives of women who have conquered tough times to shine bright and they are the heroes of their own stories.

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March 2021


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