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Dynamic, dreamy and drop-dead gorgeous, Dr Harleen is a Cosmetic dentist and Medicosmetologist in tricity Chandigarh, having her brand by the name ART OF SMILE. Professionally a Doctor and by passion she is a glam queen, recently she did a role in documentary shoot on Rajasthan – The Incredible India. A fascinating mix of passion, entrepreneurship and creativity of the renowned surgeon’s life, on a glamorous front, she has earned many accolades and awards..

She is an expert in Dentistry and Cosmetology to an enthralling international model, she had an extraordinary path. In a candid tete-a-tete, she shared how she succeeded in her life.

How have you been in this journey, share some greatest achievements?

It’s been 14 long years and I have worked hard to earn this place in my life. I am very proud in sharing the following prestigious series of awards with you:

1. Passionate Dentist of the year 2020 by “Indian Dental Divas”, Mumbai

2. Women Excellence Award 2019 by “Lifestyle Magazine”

3. “Art of Smile” awarded as best Dental and Cosmetic clinic 2019 by flying Sikh “Milkha Singh”

4. Woman Par Excellence Award 2019 by first woman SSP Nilambari Jagadale

5. Award of Excellence 2018 for Million Dollar Smile by Actress Shilpa Shetty

6. Young Achievers Excellence Award 2018 by Anti-corruption and Terrorism.

7. Awarded in Beijing, China by Ministry of External Affairs 2018.

8. Award of Excellence in Germany 2018 by Parliament House.

Tell us something about your initial education and Pollywood connection?

While pursuing her training from USA and Greece, she fell in love with an idea of transforming people with beautiful smiles and today her clientale includes elite names like Sharry Mann, Gurpreet ghuggi and Gippy Grewal. The graceful, classy and stylish doctor is not only blessed with a million-dollar smile, she also engineers advance smile makeover for her clients.

How do you strike a balance between your personal and professional life?

Sometimes it is a bit too much as it is 9 long working hours but my family is very supportive which makes things relatively easier.

Who inspires you the most? I belong to a political family brought up in an open-minded family; my mother has been my role model, just because of her constant support and right attitude towards life,m able to achieve this. My sister and brother in law (more than a brother) who live overseas are my pillars of strength. My brother is my 4 am buddy! Anytime he makes me smile. Finally fortunate enough to marry my best friend was an icing on the cake!

How do you de-stress yourself?

I try to meditate or chant for few minutes, some good music and I am in high spirits.

What’s your life mantra?

Live life each day as it comes. The future is uncertain, all we have is the current moment, so the best thing to do is to live and enjoy with what we do know.

What according to you is a good Dentist supposed to be like?

I believe, should be like ME ‘with a beautiful smile(Laugh's off) One should be fair enough to be an excellent master in his profession and should always be smiling no matter how hard life gets.

Any tip you would like to give to budding Dentists?

Work hard, nurture your work with utmost dedication, grow along and don't forget you are here to deliver smile to your patients. Once you are doing everything with your heart, God will create the way for you to achieve it.

Since you are very camera-friendly, how often do you get offers for brand ambassadors or face of the brand?

Her achievements features expand to her role as brand girl for international brand GAP and PRADA Dr Harleen has been there in a number of Jewellery shoots for National and international brands like PC and GMT jewellers. The next step in the distinguished doctors life is to hit the silver screen and her work in the main lead project of Pollywood release SULGHDA PUNJAB

As a professional, what sort of services do you provide?

As an Cosmetic Dentist and Medicosmologist, I deal in advance smile makeovers, skin treatments, be it acne, blemishes or glow peels, nonsurgical facelifts, face recontouring, hair transplants and all weight loss treatmens. I have been into this profession for the last 14 years and I love making people beautiful, head to toe. Designing BEAUTIFUL SMILES is my true calling! From skin treatment of acne, scars, stretch marks, blemishes, freckles to advance party peels, photofacials and black doll therapies the famed doctor has expertise in all areas of cosmetology. She has also prove her mettle, when it comes to the treatment of hair thinning, hair fall as well as hair transplant. Her clients sing praises of the great work she does in weight loss/weight gain, vacuum liposuction and anti-cellulite treatment. We provide many solutions, prevailing to all genders and to almost all age groups.

QUICK TAKES: If not doctor, which profession would you have been in? Chef, of course! Low point in life: Losing my dad. High point in life: Turned my dreams into reality. Which toon is your spiritual animal? Mr Beans.


In our lives, we’ve had the opportunity to meet strong, smart, independent women from every walk of life. They are the milestones of triumph, loss, struggle and everything in between. Putting ourselves into an emotional state of power, we all find a common ground, inspiration, hope, meaning, and, ultimately action. A similar effervescent personality with a neverending zeal to excel, a woman blessed with talent and beauty, Kamini Sharma is yet another powerful voice. By profession she is Producer cum Director and by passion she is a Social Activist. She has her own Production house with the name of Banglamukhi Motion Pictures. She is also into event planning.

Being a multifaceted personality along with her vigorous attitude, she’s hardly the one who goes unnoticed.

When you set a goal that’s big enough and challenging enough, you feel motivated to pursue it because your intellect is fully behind it. You just find yourself doing what needs to be done. It’s not easy to start something from the scratch. The journey towards success is never a smooth ride. You have to give up a lot of things but once you set your heart for something you tend to give it your all. Similarly Kamini put in all her efforts and hard work to reach where she stands now.

In a fatherless family, her mother has been her constant support in every phase of her life. After her father’s death it wasn’t easy for her mother to live a life of a widow with three kids, but she worked day and night to provide them with the best possible education and living. She found her inspiration from her mother and as she describes, her mother was the reason she came so far. She was always sure of her success and somewhere within this belief, she found herself something to live for and she knew she could never disappoint her mother.

Since her childhood, Kamini has always been passionate about everything she has done till now. She finds herself deeply connected to the work she is doing which is something we experience very rarely. She never describes her working hours stressful or burdensome rather she enjoys her work. She isn’t a workaholic, she’s simply someone who’s happy doing what she always wanted to do. Moreover, it’s rare to see women her age pursuing her career with so much passion and dedication, whereas most of them in the same age group are busy figuring out their married life. She herself describes her being single as an advantage because she doesn’t need to re-do her schedule or juggle both her family as well as work. She can easily give her time to her work without giving it a lot of thought.

Being a social activist as well as a producer, it isn’t easy to justify every inch of work you do but Kamini has made herself capable enough to grab every opportunity and make the best out of it. She knows how hard it gets when you struggle all alone and there’s nobody to guide you. She never wanted anyone to feel helpless and hopeless. Upon sharing her experiences she said that during her college years she came across such cases where the females needed help but no one came to the rescue. Being unable to help those females herself made her work even harder. She studied all day and night and today she takes proud in herself as now she can help and serve people who are in need of it.

Kamini was not only studious but also a creative child since her school days. She always fanaticised about the film industry which sparked her interest in modelling in her college days but due to some reasons she had to drop it. But her childhood fantasy soon became her reality when she established her own production house. If not modelling then she surely set her foot strong in this industry as a producer.

Juggling both her jobs simultaneously, she isn’t the one to wreck the balance between the two. As she says, “One is my right hand and the other is my left hand, so both are equal.” Going through all the obstacles that surrounded most part of your life, it is hard for a person to not settle for whatever is offered. But Kamini never gave up, she never felt weak at the hands of destiny and continued her journey with one single motto ‘Never comprise! If you comprise today, you will have to forever. My dreams are not dependent on anyone, whatever I dream I make sure to achieve it.’

With this life mantra, she became the youngest President of Army Welfare Housing Organisation, the Jury member of Mr/Ms/Mrs India, the youngest Police Advisory Member (since 2007) and the winner of National Women Excellency Award. She has won this award for three consecutive years (2015-2018). Her Hall of Fame not only limits till her awards but it also carries her kind persona which makes her be the change we all wish to see in this world.

Each and every person learns his lesson in his own way. Some learn it the easy way and some learn the hard way, in some ways you have a friend or mentor to show the way; sometimes it’s the mistakes that make you learn but all of them are important because they shape who you become. People like Kamini are hard to find but when discovered it is impossible not to think about the story of their lives. All the hardships, all the struggles, every sacrifice; they gave their heart and soul for their dreams and they succeeded. What can be more empowering than this? Giving up is never an option! For your dreams to become reality you have to give your all and there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals.


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