Epitome of Success Through Hard Work
Glimpse|September 2016

Glimpse Meets The Super Power Pack Who Prefer Walking The Revolutionary Road.


Birthday: 18 April

Star sign: Aries

Age: 23

Schooling and college: MGN Public School, Jalandhar. Masters in music vocal from Hmv Jalandhar.

Profession: Singer.

Reason behind choosing this profession: Music is my passion. Music flows in my veins like blood. I have never ever dreamt of becoming anything else other than a singing superstar. I am learning music since I was a child and after completing my masters in music I assured myself to be in this line and keep the Punjabi music culture alive.

Jenny Johal has worked very hard to achieve where she is today and she says, “All the credit goes to my mother who has been there all the time. She’s my friend, my guide and my everything.

Personal style aesthetic

I feel style is inbuilt. It cannot be created or imitated. I have my own definition of style. I am not at all confined to any particular form of fashion. Whatever I wear I make sure that I feel confident about it and it should look trendy and classy.

Family bonds

My family has always been super supportive throughout my musical journey, from the days of my struggle to up till now. I have got full support from my family. I feel blessed to have such a caring family.

You as a person

Loud, perky & a fun loving girl. I love hanging out with my friends. I believe in living life to the fullest. For every moment I spend with my loved ones, I make sure to make the most out of it.

The most difficult project you ever undertook?

Yet to come.

Where do you see yourself 5 Years down the line?

I see myself as the most popular and successful Bollywood singer. Maybe a rockstar who possess class in everything she does.

Your any other passion?

Right from the beginning, I was fond of dancing and was very good at expressions. So apart from singing, I would love to dance. I want to become a perfect dancer.

You would like to work with?

A.R Rahman, Sonu Nigham & Enrique Iglesias.

You like to shop and favourite shopping destination

I am a shopaholic. I always feel I am falling short of clothes and shoes & all no matter how much I shop. My favourite brands are Adidas Originals, Kazo, Juicy Couture, Gucci & Diesel, and I can shop anywhere in the world. There is no personal favourite.

When I don’t get enough sleep, I use?

I listen to some good relaxing music. Some kind of meditation track with sleep inducing beats. Music, I feel is the best healer. So in whatever state of mind, I listen to some quality music that gives relaxation to my mind and heart.

Have you ever been a victim of casting couch?

I have been struggling in Industry for a long period of time. I came across many such challenging situations in life but I never compromised with my principles and values to get something. I waited for my right time. Though it was quite depressing for me at times, yet I never gave up hope and faced everything with courage. I also invested all my time and energy in working hard to fulfill all my dreams. I believe whatever my mind can conceive; I can have it and that too on my own terms and conditions.

Celebrity crush during teenage

It has always been Salman Khan. I still love everything about him. In Punjabi industry I would say-Diljit Dosanjh.

Take on Punjabi Industry

I want to play such a character that people should always remember. I would love to work opposite Diljit and Amrinder Gill.


Fitness: Dancing &running.

Guilty pleasure: Chocolates.

Signature look: Hip hop, glamorous & super stylish.

Current state of mind: Excited about the release of my new song 'chandigarh rehn waliye'.

Idea of perfect happiness: Sitting along the sea side, holiday trip in Europe fascinates me like none other.

Style inspiration: Persian beauty Mahlaga Jaberi,Deepika Padukone & Shakira.

Latest app on phone: Fit body app.

Pokémon go/prisma: Prisma.

Fb/insta/twitter: Instagram.


Music director: A.R Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan & Vishal Shekhar.

Designers: My mom R.K Johal, Manish Malhotra & Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Song: Broken hearted girl (Beyoncé), Halo (Beyoncé) & Beautiful liar (Shakira & Beyoncé).


Age: 26

Birthday: 25th May.

Star Sign: Gemini

Schooling & College: DAV School, Giddarbaha and Rayat & Bahra, Mohali.

Profession: Lyricist.

Reason behind choosing this profession: It was just a hobby! I actually never thought of taking it as a profession.

A student of Hotel Management, Jaani was all set to board a flight to Australia to pursue his further studies, but destiny had better plans for him. He came into limelight with his first hit song ‘Soch’ and subsequently started his journey as a lyricist. Expressing the power of words, the zealous writer has various super hit songs in his name such as Taara, Mere Kol, Na Ji Na, Jaguar, Joker, All Black & many more.

Personal style aesthetic

I like to wear whatever I feel comfortable in, so my style statement is generally casual.

Family Bonds

My mother, father, brother & sister has always been very supportive about whatever path I chose.

“You” as a person

I am very hard working but fickle minded at times. I believe that I am a weak decision maker.

The most difficult project you ever undertook?

My upcoming track with Diljit Dosanjh.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

As the most creative writer.

Your any other passion?


You would like to work with?

A.R. Rahman

Striking the Balance

I always devote more time to my profession, due to which my personal life often suffers.

Out & about

As I said, shopping is my passion and my favourite shopping destination is Australia.

When I don’t get enough sleep, I use?

I try to write songs.

Have you ever been a victim of casting couch?

Never! My work has always been strong enough to help me rise in the industry, without using any such means.

Celebrity Crush during teenage

Parineeti Chopra, Lisa Haydon.

Take on Punjabi Industry?

The Punjabi industry is growing in a great way. Even the non-speakers of Punjabi language have started listening to Punjabi songs and the Bollywood industry is also taking up Punjabi songs in their movies, which is a great achievement for our industry. However, the quality of singers is somewhat deteriorating, as there are some cases of copy paste, that should be avoided. But in all other aspects, the industry is rising leaps & bounds. 


Fitness Regime: I have been too lazy about it. I hate going to the gym.

Guilty Pleasure: Promising people that I will write songs for them, but I don’t.

Signature Look: Ripped jeans with a loose T-shirt and aviators.

Current state of mind: Insecure.

Idea of perfect happiness: Listening to music.

Style inspiration: Ranbir Kapoor & Hrithik Roshan.

Latest app on your phone: Instagram repost.

Pokémon go/ Prisma: I don’t use any of them.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: Instagram.

Whatsapp/Snapchat/Viber: Snapchat

The Favourites:

Music directors: B-Praak, Yo Yo Honey Singh and A.R. Rahman.

Designers: Manish Malhotra.

Song: Phir se ud chala from the movie Rockstar. G


Age: 22 Years

Birthday: 4th of November

Star Sign: Scorpio

Schooling & College: Saint Soldier International School, Lawrence School, & INIFD, Chandigarh.

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