‘I have NIGHTMARES about space!'
TV Times|May 15, 2021
Dame Helen Mirren on conquering her fears to play an intergalactic adventurer...


Available: Friday 21 May

Season: 1 Episodes: 7

Run time: 30 mins NEW DRAMA

Advances in technology are constantly changing the way we communicate with each other – and Amazon Prime Video’s new anthology series Solos offers an intriguing glimpse at what the future could hold for us all.

With a big-name cast including Dame Helen Mirren, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens and Uzo Aduba, each of the seven episodes focuses on a different lead character who we see reflecting on their own connections, good and bad, such as a woman stuck in a waiting room and a brilliant physicist on the verge of a breakthrough in time travel.

An excited TV Times joined Oscar-winning acting legend Dame Helen, 75, for an exclusive video chat to find out more...

Can you tell us what your episode, Peg, is about?

Peg has seen an advertisement saying, ‘Go on the adventure of a lifetime!’ and her life has always been about avoiding adventure and stepping back rather than stepping forward. She’s coming towards the end of her life, she’s in her seventies, and I think she just has one of those, ‘Let’s go for it!’ moments and signs up.

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