TV & Satellite Week|December 04, 2021
Lois Lane and Clark Kent face their biggest challenge – raising teenage children


Superman & Lois Saturday, BBC1 HD, 5.40pm

We usually see Superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but it’s a very different Man of Steel who features in BBC1’s new US drama Superman & Lois.

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Superman & Lois

After a COVID-related scheduling shift, the impressive freshman drama about the first family of DC Comics finally returns! As a superpowered threat runs amok in Smallville, Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin, above) is still trying to balance being the Man of Steel and a better father to his twin sons, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin)—the latter of whom has inherited dad’s more alien abilities.

1 min read
TV Guide Magazine
May 10, 2021

If You Can't Join ‘Em… Stream ‘Em

This fall, Ricky Gervais was living his best lockdown life. Hollywood was on pause, but the actor and comedian kept in full stride. Binging fans had made his Netflix series After Life the most watched British comedy for the second year in a row while he stayed home writing a third season.

7 mins read
Innovation & Tech Today
2020 Year-End Issue

7 Keys for Self-Care

How to make your life on Earth radiant.

4 mins read
Transformation Magazine
November 2020

Family Strife

In My Skin veers between coming-of-age comedy and serious drama.

4 mins read
New York magazine
August 3 - 16, 2020


...that Mark King’s flying thumb first blew our minds and, in doing so, opened up a whole new era for the bass guitar. As Level 42 celebrate their fourth decade in business, we sit down with King and take a look back—with the benefit of 2020 vision

10 mins read
Bass Player
July 2020

LIT TRENDS - 3 Online Book Clubs with a Global Perspective

ONE OF LIFE’S GREAT pleasures is sharing a favorite book with a community of bright, engaging friends, wine in hand and the fireplace crackling. In a perfect world, the host of your local book club is charming, the introverts are cozy and the extroverts gregarious, the conversation is brilliant and never lags, and the serving board groans under the weight of everyone’s best-loved dishes.

2 mins read
World Literature Today
Spring 2020

What Would Social Media Look Like If It Served The Public Interest?

What would social media look like if it served the public interest?

10+ mins read
Columbia Journalism Review
Fall 2019

Matt LeBlanc Is Getting Revved Up For Top Gear

From sitcom lothario to silver fox, Matt LeBlanc is entering a surprise new chapter as a Top Gear co-presenter. So how’s he doin’ now? 

6 mins read
Marie Claire - UK
June 2016

BBC bosses: We'll make a strong case

BBC bosses have pledged to “continue to make a strong case to the Government for investing” in the corporation after the licence fee came under fire.

1 min read
Manchester Evening News
January 18, 2022

Labour says government's attack on BBC a bid to stop PM becoming ‘dead meat'

The government has been accused of launching an attack on the BBC to distract from the Partygate scandal and stop Boris Johnson becoming “dead meat”.

3 mins read
The Independent
January 18, 2022