Under The Weather
SFX|December 2017

It’s Gerard Butler versus inclement conditions in Geostorm. Sounds like a disaster movie...

“Dad, can’t we put something up in the sky that can fix this?” That’s the question Dean Devlin’s daughter asked one night about tackling global warming. Like a lightning bolt, inspiration struck, and Devlin set about writing a new movie. Of course, this being the guy who co-penned Independence Day, his movie turned out to be disaster epic Geostorm. Set in the near future, when weather-controlling satellites have been launched to solve environmental problems, a deadly super-storm threatens mankind.

Leave it to NASA scientist Jake Lawson to attempt to avert disaster and save his family. “It felt very tantalising,” says Gerard Butler, who plays Jake, of first reading Devlin’s script. “I love movies with epic proportions and epic ideas. Sometimes they don’t work, but if they do, you’re gonna scare the shit out of the audience, and they’re gonna go for a ride and have a great time.”

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