The Living Sea Of Waking Dreams
SFX|January 2021
World On Fire
Jonathan Wright

RELEASED 14 JANUARY 304 pages | Hardback/ebook

Author Richard Flanagan

Publisher Chatto & Windus

How do you convey the enormity of what’s happening in the Anthropocene epoch? For Australian author Richard Flanagan, winner of the 2014 Booker Prize, the answer is to turn to magical realism.

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The Culture Pages – The Queen of Fractured Fairy Tales

Hlen Oyeyemi writes magical, unsettling novels in which nothing remains fixed. She has lived her life that way, too.

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New York magazine
March 29 - April 11, 2021

Enchanted New York

A tale of religion in Manhattan in the 19th and 20th centuries

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Reason magazine
April 2021

A New Chapter for This Bookstore

Katrina and COVID haven’t deterred the owner of a used bookstore from catering to his clientele.

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance
March 2021

Yes, Fall It's Still Happening

THE CHANGE OF SEASONS during a pandemic can happen almost imperceptibly. Suddenly, summer has slipped through your fingers. Fall usually signals the start of a fresh cultural calendar, but this year, none of the clear markers are there. Broadway remains shut down; the pageantry of Oscar season isn’t quite the same when everything’s streaming; release dates are pitched further into the distance, pegged to the hope of some theoretical future. But amid uncertainty, great art can feel like a grounding force, and there’s plenty to challenge, entertain, and debate this fall. The final stretch of 2020 includes some of the most exceptional films, shows, and books of the year: weird clown comedy, the next Big Little Lies–style soap, and the kinds of novels that help you see the world more clearly. Mark your calendars—just maybe use a pencil.

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New York magazine
August 31–September 13, 2020

Cook's Activism at Philly Bookshop

The first time Jeannine A. Cook tried to open a bookstore, the building burned down just after she had signed the lease.

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Poets & Writers Magazine
September - October 2020

The Art of the Author Photo

How to make a lasting image

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Poets & Writers Magazine
September - October 2020

Save Indie Bookstores

Writers tend to have their favorite local book-stores. The one where the staff members are mostly poets.

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Poets & Writers Magazine
July - August 2020

Guardians of The Library

The New York Public Library’s (NYPL’s) flagship building, the landmark Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, holds many treasures.

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Faces - The Magazine of People, Places and Cultures for Kids
April 2020

Distribution And Discoverability

Independence comes at a price. While supply-chain optimization, technological innovation, and shifts in reading and buying habits have lowered operating costs for many in the book business, publishers included, the price of independence is still mostly paid in the form of costs related to diffusion, such as fees paid to third-party sales and distribution companies, without whom it would be logistically impossible for indie presses—at least those like Europa Editions—to deliver books to our retail partners and, through them, to readers.

5 mins read
Poets & Writers Magazine
November - December 2019

A Call For Change

The future of independent publishing must be innovative.

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Poets & Writers Magazine
November - December 2019