Strain Theory
SFX|August 2017

Co-creator Chuck Hogan teases The Strain’s upcoming final season


After three seasons of unleashing a parasitic vampiric plague on the world in the TV adaptation of their book trilogy The Strain, executive producers Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (along with showrunner Carlton Cuse) have one final season to show how it’s all going to end.

Season three’s finale saw Eph Good weather’s bad-seed son Zach pull the ultimate act of rebellion by detonating a nuclear bomb in New York City in retaliation for his turned mother’s death. The series returns with a much changed reality where The Master and his Strigoi now walk freely in the sunless, nuclear winter.

“We have a time break,” Hogan tells Red Alert. “So it was fun to think about how we were going to find our characters, catch up with their stories and what things have transpired. It really energises the story.

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