Seeds Of Hope
SFX|September 2017

The Last Ship weighs anchor for its fourth season

The USS Nathan James will set sail with a new crew and a new mission in season four of The Last Ship, which was shot back-to-back with season five this spring. At the end of season three, Tom Chandler, played by Eric Dane, stepped aside as the ship’s captain, having saved a Red Flu-ravaged world from a Russian admiral, a band of mad Brits in a submarine and a genocidal Chinese president in the show’s first three seasons.

Taking over Chandler’s big chair for the second season running will be his former XO Mike Slattery, AKA Firefly’s Adam Baldwin. This year, though, Slattery won’t have time to try to save people from infection because now the virus has transferred to plants, and is endangering the growth of agricultural crops across the world.

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