Doctor WHO: Dalek Combat Training Manual
SFX|March 2021
A Book in Bullet Points

RELEASED OUT NOW! 159 pages | Hardback/ebook Authors Richard Atkinson, Mike Tucker Publisher BBC Books

  • If you bought 2018’s TARDIS Instruction Manual, this will feel somewhat familiar.

  • High-concept: a Gallifreyan manual for operatives in the Time War, using data extracts downloaded to the Matrix from the Doctor’s mind.

  • This mostly means two-page “field reports” on every Dalek story, with panels of “tactical analysis” which pick apart continuity inconsistencies.

  • All the main Dalek models are detailed. Topics like Davros and duplicates/henchmen are tackled too.

  • Some may not approve that all the black and white stills have been colourised – but it’s been done well.

  • Highlight: Gavin Rymill’s blueprint-y illustrations of Dalek models and craft.

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