Crossing The Dreams
SFX|December 2020
Joe Hill talks the stuff that crossovers are made of, as Locke & Key meets Sandman in Hell And Gone

LOCKE & KEY ENJOYED A successful first season on Netflix and a Sandman series is currently in production at the streaming giant, and now the two series are meeting on the comic book page this month. Written and drawn by the former’s creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the two-issue crossover begins in Locke & Key/The Sandman Universe: Hell And Gone #1 from IDW before DC returns the compliment with its own one-shot early next year.

“It’s been something of a winding path to being able to put this out into the world,” admits Hill. “Gabriel Rodriguez – who is my artistic brother – and I are about the same age and love a lot of the same comics, particularly Sandman. When I was in my late teens/the early twenties, the writers I cared about were the ‘British invasion’ writers who changed comic books, like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Jamie Delano. They swept in from the UK and showed what was possible in the artform, reinvigorating it and returning comics to their ’50s horror roots.”

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