Along Came A Spider
SFX|January 2018

Radio 4’s take on Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys is set to be epic

It’s possible that in 22 years of SFX, there’s never been an actor quite so enthusiastic as Jacob Anderson (Game Of Thrones’s Grey Worm) about a project. “Anansi Boys is a fantasy epic, with more heart than any fantasy epic that I’ve ever seen, or read, or heard.”

Anderson, a self-confessed geek (“I keep getting offered jock roles in American things, and that’s not me”), is a major fan of Neil Gaiman’s 2005 book. So when he says of the upcoming Radio 4 adaptation, “I was really surprised with how faithful it is to the book – I think it adds to the book and gives it extra life,” you can’t help but get excited too.

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