Voted Class Clown
Modelz View|September 2016

My father was in the ARMY so I was prety bred to be a wandering nomad.

Your family background :

My parents are both from smal towns in West Tennessee, but al of my immediate family now lives in Greenvile, South Carolina.

How they help you in modeling career My mother loves comes to my photoshoots, helping out at my music video shoots, watching at my runway shows. She’s my biggest supporter and who actualy got me into it in the first place.

Any special childhood prank or memory :

I was voted class clown in school so I was always up to some kind of mischief. The best was probably when I convinced my Vice Principal that my father was Kevin Smith from the Dalas Cowboys (whom my Vice Principal was a huge fan of) so I’d get him an autograph and managed to avoid geting in trouble for my shenanigans for a while…’til he actualy spoke to my dad about it…

Educational qualification :

I went to Tennessee Wesleyan initialy on a lacrosse scholarship but ended up transferring to the University of South Carolina. GO COCKS!

How you became a model, how did you experience the first job you did as a model ?

My mom knew a photographer that saw my picture on her desk and asked if I’d be wiling to get into modeling so I said why not. It was an awesome first experience, super laid back, amazing pictures and new friends! I would hope everyone has such a positive experience. 

Why did you choose this line ?

I didn’t so much choose it as I did accept the opportunities I’ve been given. This isn’t something I want as my end point but I wil ride this wave as long as I can.

Your inspiration :

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