Meghan Devastated By Baby Depression!
Globe|July 15, 2019

A shrink is helping her fight for health

STRUGGLING to cope with motherhood and tormented by constant criticism from inlaws who despise her, Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, has become a compulsive eating machine — gaining a staggering 37 pounds — and her fearful hubby has sent her to therapy!

The now chubby, five-foot-six duchess, who’s the normal weight of 124 pounds has ballooned to over 160, is so down in the dumps, she can barely force herself to waddle out of the house — more than eight weeks after her son Archie’s May 6 birth, sources reveal.

That’s the alarming truth behind the former Suits actress’ no-show when the other royals greeted President Donald Trump during his D-Day anniversary visit to England the first week of June.

“Meghan was simply ashamed to show her face,” a palace insider reveals.

“She’s been diagnosed with postpartum depression and has the baby blues so bad, she barely gets out of bed.”

Meghan virtually vanished from the public eye for more than a month following her son’s birth.

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