Andrew's Twisted French Connection!
Globe|September 30, 2019
Model agency icon disappears as Paris cops open probe into prince’s pedophile pal

French model agency czar Jean-Luc Brunel — who’s accused of recruiting teen girls for twisted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — has mysteriously vanished before he could spill the beans on Prince Andrew’s playdates with the dead American billionaire!

Now American law enforcement sources tell GLOBE that Interpol and French police are trying to determine if Brunel, who discovered supermodels Christy Turlington, Milla Jovovich, Jerry Hall, and Angie Everhart, is dead — or running for his life.

Just as French cops were probing Brunel’s ties to the British royal and his perv party-pal, who was murdered in his New York City jail cell Aug. 10, the 72-year-old model agent dropped off the face of the Earth!

“He is a ghost who has left no trace,” a Paris investigator tells GLOBE. “There is no address for him, all his internet accounts, including social media, have been wiped out. Manhunts in Europe, the United States and even South America have come up empty.”

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