A Boiler Feed Pump
Model Engineer|4635
A Boiler Feed Pump
Ian Couchman


Quite a simple job. First the blank was cut as shown in fig 10 (see part 4, M.E. 4633, 28th February). The hole positions and bending lines were marked (photo 61) and the sheet rolled to the correct diameter (photo 62), resulting in photo 63. The bends were made by clamping between two lengths of steel in the vice (photo 64) producing photo 65, ready for fitting (or painting, if that's your thing).

Operating handle

On the same drawing (fig 10) is the last item, the operating handle. The parts are straight forward enough (photo 66). I drilled a hole through the boss and the two arms and held the parts together with an 8BA screw for silver soldering (photo 67). Photograph 68 shows the handle in place. It is used to manually operate the pump if need be, for instance when you have no steam or to carry out an hydraulic test. It is removed before running on steam.

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