Ask a Tourism Expert
The Walrus|July/August 2021
How will Canadians travel in a post-pandemic world?

TRAVEL is among the industries hit hardest by covid-19. According to Statistics Canada, the country’s tourism sector shrank by almost half in 2020, and it may take five years or longer to recover. We asked Chris Choi, an expert in tourism and strategic marketing, what the future of Canadian travel may look like.

How much of an economic toll has covid-19 taken on Canada’s tourism industry?

Pre-covid-19, domestic tourism accounted for nearly 80 percent of tourism spending in Canada.1 In 2020, the Atlantic provinces alone — which typically bring in about 7 million visitors each year, generating $5 billion — saw a 66 percent decrease in their revenue despite having the bubble that allowed for regional travel. And it’s not just about tourism. The industry is interconnected, affecting things like sports, restaurants, entertainment, and events. Combined, we’re looking at a total loss of up to $29 billion.

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