Our Canada|June/July 2020
Exploring an abandoned ghost town hidden in the woods, high in the mountains of B.C.
Brent Hendrick

Last September, I decided to book a seven-day trip to British Columbia. I am a long time “urban explorer” and enjoy visiting abandoned places and taking photos, as well as filming and documenting them for my YouTube channel and Instagram page.

My father took me to my first abandoned farmhouse when I was just seven years old. The house had a lot of decay and unsafe floors but ever since that day I have been hooked on exploring abandoned places.

My aunt Stephanie lives on the Sunshine Coast, so I was planning on visiting her and had a few places in mind that I wanted to explore while there. An abandoned town called Bradian was at the top of my list. About two hours north of Pemberton, B.C., this abandoned mining town is known to be one of the most intact ghost towns in the province, with 22 houses in various states of repair, still standing.

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