Hometown Explorer
More of Our Canada|March 2021
With camera in hand, Paula Brown of Ottawa plays tourist in her own city
Paula Brown

There are few things in life that define us better than the place we call home. This fact is more true than ever in 2020 as we self-isolate and find new ways to challenge ourselves while navigating the guidelines set out for us. Being a hometown explorer is extremely exciting with the hidden treasures, inspirations and adventures that Ottawa holds at every turn, if you just take the time to really see them. Streets, buildings, natural features, infrastructure and the surrounding environment combine to make Ottawa what it is.

For me, having lived in Ottawa for a long time, it is a photographer’s paradise. It is truly a playground of inspiration with winter and early spring being no exception. Celebrating my hometown and the surrounding area through my photography is one of my passions.

Exploring the city of Ottawa and nearby Gatineau, Que., in both winter and early spring is wonderful. The cool (and often downright cold) air is refreshing and energizing. In the city’s downtown core, we find the Gothic Revival-style Parliament Buildings in all their historic glory, plus many excellent museums that are architectural marvels and a photographer’s dream.

As we cross the Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge to Gatineau, Que., we are greeted by the Museum of History’s impressive fluid-like curves. There are many beautiful structures throughout the city, including the downtown area, so it is vital to venture down hidden alleyways and locations for that unique picture. One such gem is Minto Place’s giant silver teapot with an evergreen tree shooting into the sky called “Northshore” by Noel Harding. Such a fun example of public art!

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