Everything Old Is New Again
More of Our Canada|May 2020
Restoring this antique touring Sedan took a lot of time and energy but was well worth the effort!
Joyce Stolte

When my husband Arend retired in 2005 after a 40-year teaching career, he wanted to do something completely different during his retirement years. He decided to restore antique cars, the older the better, and learn to do every aspect of the restoration process himself.

To that end, he joined the Edmonton Antique Car Club and purchased two old cars from a fellow club member, a 1930 Essex Challenger sedan that was mostly complete and a 1926 Chevrolet Superior Touring Sedan, a basket case that literally came in boxes.

After finishing the restoration of the Essex, he started restoring the 1926 Chevy. Arend made new hickory spokes and restored the wooden artillery wheels which were in very poor condition. The car came with a 1928 motor which was seized and the block was cracked. He disassembled the motor, freed the pistons, “pinned” the crack in the block, put in new rings and one new piston and eventually had the engine running as it should.

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To The Last Detail

When you buy an old house, you will have to remodel the kitchen. Old houses never have enough storage space. Bachelors don’t cook. Wrong, wrong, and wrong—at least at Sconehenge, David Berman’s 1910 Shingle Style house in Plymouth, Mass. When he bought the place, it needed a level of cleanup and restoration that meant a dumpster was parked outside for months. Yet he didn’t touch the kitchen’s old-fashioned floor plan. In fact, David sings the praises of his original kitchen “suite” as he serves his trademark ginger scones.

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Old House Journal
November - December 2019

Jackie O In Biker Boots

JA The Future Antiques—and informed by her time abroad. “I became very enchanted with e old black-and-white mansions in Singapore, so when I moved back, everything sort of ged,” she says. “I’m inspired by everywhere I’ve lived. That room really is an amalgam of that.”

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September/October 2019

What, This Old Thing?

Antique furniture is anything but old, dusty and tuffy. These readers tell us why they purchased heir pieces with provenance.

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September 2021

How To Buy - Antiques & Vintage

Bring unique character and a heritage flair to your home with pre-loved buys

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September 2021

In The Right Frame Of Mind

Designed to protect and enhance a picture, an elaborate frame is often a work of art in its own right. Catriona Gray discovers how red-coloured clay makes gold leaf glow and why mounts are not always needed

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Country Life UK
February 24, 2021


DURING THE EARLY MONTHS of the COVID-19 pandemic, community quarantine was imposed in Luzon, and other areas in the Philippines to contain the spread of the virus. One concern during this period was of food security.

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January - February 2021

How To Spot A Genuine Antique

There’s a plethora of history and culture right on our doorstep in Singapore. But how to make the most of it? One way is to explore the island and enjoy different experiences. Another is to buy some memorable pieces of furniture to take with you when you go. We spoke to well-known stores about buying antiques, and how to spot the genuine article.

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November 2019

Vaya Joya

Incluso Los Más Acérrimos Enemigos Del ‘vintage’ Tienen Clarísimo Que El Diseño, Igual Que Los Buenos Vinos, Mejora Con Los Años. Cuatro Auténticos Cazadores De Tesoros Deco Que Han Superado También La Prueba Del Tiempo Nos Guían En Una Búsqueda Fascinante

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Patination Is Looking Fresher Than Ever.

Patination, the art of creating an antique look with colours, is looking fresher than ever.

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Antique Jewellery - The Past Perfect

Family jewels and heirlooms have customarily been passed down from one generation to another in the form of blessings and values.

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