Leading Lady
Culture Magazin|March 2018

Ngo Thanh Van Discloses What It’s Like to Be a Woman in the Film Industry.

Hong Nhung

Beautiful, talented, and unyielding. These are just a few words that describe actress, director and producer Ngo Thanh Van, also known as Veronica Ngo. One of her recent starring roles was as the strong and courageous pilot Paige Tico in blockbuster hit Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

After Star Wars: The Last Jedi you immediately jumped into the movie Hai Phuong. Could you share more information about this project?

Hai Phuong has been in progress for almost four years since my team and I chose the screenplay. After five years of postponment, I’ve decided to return and take a lead role to show my gratitude to my audience as well as to keep the promise that I made to my Vietnamese fans. With the experience I’ve gained from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Bright, I have improved my acting, allowing me to produce a more venerated film. The audience has grown familiar with international film standards while I was abroad.

Is the assertive personality of the characters you play in the movies similar to your personality in real life?

As a fairly short-tempered and straightforward person, I find portaying decisive and strong-willed characters easier. Of course, the characters also have complicated inner turmoil which requires the actor to demonstrate a depth of emotions. The diverse and colourful experiences I’ve encountered have helped me to complete the roles as best I can.

What do you think about the cinema of Vietnam?

What we lack are facilities and conditions to implement large-scale scenes. Foreign movie producers have a team and the most advanced equipment to operate in tough conditions and on rugged terrain. They are able to set up campsites and provide sufficient living and medical conditions for the crew. Catching up to international standards is just a matter of time for us.

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