“We have a customer base that comes to us for quality”
My Mobile|March 2020
The audio industry in India has seen some unprecedented growth in the last decade, from market full of products to high demand of consumption, the way audio is being used now represents how fast the technology is evolving. And in this journey, the German audio giant, Sennheiser, has been at the forefront, taping new growth in the audio sector. The company is almost 75 years old, and since its inception it has been shaping the future of audio with its innovative range of products across the globe. It has consistently raised the bar with its products that offer superior audio experience. In a recent event where the company launched its new AMBEO Soundbar worth around a lakh, Kapil Gulati, Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser Electronics India spoke to Pahi Mehra about his journey with Sennheiser, how the company’s newest offering the AMBEO soundbar will stand out the competition with such high prices and the upcoming audio trends in 2020.
Pahi Mehra

How long have you been with Sennheiser? Tell us about your journey?

I have been associated with Sennheiser since its entrance into the Indian market. In the 13 years of my Sennheiser journey, the focus has always been to introduce perfect audio products and sound experience for our customers. my passion for sound and technology resonates well with the brand which has been at the forefront of shaping the future of audio. Earlier, headphones were positioned as just a giveaway accessory with a phone, however, the industry changed when Sennheiser built this category from scratch. Being at the helm of revolutionizing the audio industry is a reason why we have a premium positioning. So far, we have witnessed double-digit growth in the consumer segment Y-o-Y.

What are the company’s key values?

For the past 75 years, Sennheiser has been at the forefront of shaping the future of the audio industry. Being a family-owned company, we are 100% self-financed which means we can truly focus on customers’ needs. This is the ambition and the passion that the brand continues to live by. We are dedicated to constantly delivering world-class products across the globe. Sennheiser is known for its culture of innovation and the passion to achieve excellence in the field of the audio industry. We create unique sound experiences for our customers with the use of latest technologies and innovation.

What are your best-selling products in India?

The audio equipment industry in India has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade. The demand for OTT services is booming across the Indian market. according to a KPMG survey, users spend 8.2 hours per week on online video platforms. Since the consumption of online content has increased, the technology for audio solutions are changing too. Sennheiser is currently focusing on wireless technology as consumers want seamless connectivity for uninterrupted viewing and wireless equipment provides exactly that. Due to this, the true wireless category has revolutionized the entire industry and over the last year alone, we have seen a phenomenal response from the consumers for this category. This shift from wired to wireless is driving significant growth for us in India and we are looking forward to an upward journey.

According to you, what audio trends from the last decade have shaped the industry?

The content consumption pattern of Indian consumers has changed drastically in the past years. They are constantly connected to the internet to consume content. This has led to an increase in adoption for wireless and true wireless earbuds as it provides the ease of being cable-free connectivity.

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