Maximum PC|December 2021
What’s coming to PC in 2022? Christian Guyton breaks down all the games we can expect to see next year.
Christian Guyton

2021 HAS BEEN A MIXED YEAR for PC gaming, with standout hits such as Deathloop and Resident Evil Village almost drowned out by a sea of mediocre titles and endless delays and cancellations. Happily, 2022 looks like being a more exciting year, with a whole host of original games and sequels on the way. Many of these upcoming releases have been in the works for a long time, including Starfield (the concept work for which began way back in 1997) and Elden Ring, the latter of which has been on many a gamer’s mind for years. Yes, we know George RR Martin is involved. Hopefully, the game comes out before The Winds of Winter.

Some of these games don’t have official release dates yet, so we’ve limited our list to titles that are confirmed releases in 2022—delays notwithstanding! We’ve included a broad range of games from different genres and publishers but, of course, you can expect the usual suspects to crop up in 2022; we’d be shocked if there wasn’t a Call of Duty or FIFA release. So, here are the 22 games we’re most excited to play on PC in 2022.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Release Date: March 2022

Confusingly based on the Marvel comic series Rise of the Midnight Sons (yup, Sons rather than Suns), this is potentially the most interesting superhero game coming to PC next year. An XCOM-esque strategy title from genre veterans Firaxis, Midnight Suns features a customizable protagonist named ‘The Hunter’, who will join up with a selection of Marvel heroes including Wolverine, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider. Intriguingly, the turn-based gameplay is supported by card-based mechanics, with your deck influencing what abilities you can use on each mission. In classic XCOM fashion, you’ll manage a home base called the Abbey between expeditions.

» Developer: Firaxis » Publisher: 2K Games

The Lord of the Rings Gollum

Release Date: 2022

Why LOTR’s resident gremlin gets his own game is beyond us, but it’s coming in 2022 nonetheless. A stealth platformer from Daedalic Entertainment, Gollum follows the titular hero’s life prior to the events of the original trilogy, as he hunts down his ‘precious’—that’s the One Ring. Gollum is no fighter, so being sneaky and smart is the order of the day, whether you’re luring an orc into a trap or creeping past a group of war beasts. One interesting mechanic is Gollum’s split personality; Smeagol, the hobbit he once was, still exists within him, and your gameplay decisions will influence which side comes out on top.

» Developer: Daedalic Entertainment » Publisher: Daedalic Ent., Nacon

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Release Date: 25th March 2022

A Dungeons & Dragons-themed spinoff from the Borderlands series, this is more of the same coop shooting fare, set in a vibrant fantasy world, where grenades are replaced with spells and players can wield melee weapons for the first time. Wonderlands is the first game in the series to let players create a character rather than choosing pre-existing protagonists.

» Developer: Gearbox Software » Publisher: 2K Games

Ark 2

Release Date: 2022

Despite the sizeable active player base of Ark: Survival Evolved, developer Studio Wildcard is pushing ahead with a second game, promising bigger and better things for the dinosaur-packed sandbox game. Somewhat unexpectedly, the sequel will feature Vin Diesel in a starring role, as the actor is apparently a huge Ark fan. Players can expect a more robust story this time around, as well as plenty of the same dino-taming antics offered by the original.

» Developer: Studio Wildcard » Publisher: Studio Wildcard


Release Date: Spring 2022

This action-adventure title from Luminous Productions tells the story of Frey, a girl transported to the fantasy land of Athia via a good old-fashioned magic portal. Frey has a few magical powers, from blasts of fire and ice to incredible speed, to navigate Athia’s open world. Frey can sprint and leap fluidly through ruined towns and dark forests as she journeys to save Athia from an evil dictator.

» Developer: Luminous Productions » Publisher: Square Enix

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Release Date: Spring 2022

From the developers of the excellent Warhammer: Vermintide series, Darktide takes us to the depths of the hive city of Tertium, where four players battle for survival against hordes of ghastly monsters. It’s a side-step into sci-fifor Vermintide, offering the same co-op experience enhanced by a new setting and what Fatshark calls ‘deep and balanced gunplay’. Warhammer 40,000’s universe is peak grimdark science-fiction, a violent dystopian setting that provides the perfect backdrop for Darktide’s brutal combat.

» Developer: Fatshark » Publisher: Fatshark

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