Razer Huntsman V2 Analog
Maximum PC|Holiday 2021
Pure precision or gimmicky overkill?

EVEN THE SWITCHES on your keyboard can be a contentious issue. Some people prefer the old-school mechanical clicks that give you a real sense of feedback when typing, while others enjoy the softer, quieter, and more delicate type of keyboard that's often found on a laptop. Razer’s Huntsman V2 analog appears to hit a sweet spot between the two.

The Huntsman lineup has always been a popular choice for PC enthusiasts, especially when it comes to gaming. The V2 Analog comes with a few bells and whistles, but are these important additions or simply unnecessary extras?

Those familiar with the full-size Huntsman style will notice that the V2 hasn’t changed much in terms of layout from the Huntsman Elite model. In the top right are the media controls; three cylindrical buttons for the skip and play/ pause controls. Next to that is the volume dial with a mute button in the middle. The wheel protrudes slightly out of the side so you can easily adjust the volume. It's slightly heavier than the Elite and feels significantly more sturdy. It also has a better grip, helping prevent the keyboard from slipping around on your desk.

The build quality on the V2 is superb. Though it features a mainly plastic construction, nothing feels cheap. Razer has increased the angle of the keyboard and while the original keyboards were flatter, the V2 offers stands if you want to increase this further. It makes for a comfortable angle for typing, even for all-day usage.

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