Logitech StreamCam
Maximum PC|December 2021
The simple webcam solution?

MORE AND MORE features are being added to webcams these days. On the one hand, this is great to see, yet it throws these machines' simplicity straight out of the window. Sometimes, all you need is a small, easy-to-use webcam that delivers a high-quality image you can take with you on your travels. The StreamCam by Logitech claims to be a premium webcam for Full HD streaming and content creation. So does it meet these expectations and should you be adding this peripheral to your setup?

Logitech's contender takes the crown for the smallest of the bunch of our recent cam reviews, although it's a little on the chunky side. With its lightweight form, it's ideal for either a more minimal setup or one where portability is key. This may give the illusion that the StreamCam is potentially cheap, but that's far from the truth. At first glance, it's a quirky little thing that feels well put together. The graphite model we have for review is a little more subtle than the white variant and the grey mesh fabric surrounding the lens at the front suits it better. And yes, you did read that correctly—grey fabric on a webcam. It's a bit random, but we love it. Hidden in the mesh are a white live indicator and the camera’s microphone.

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