I'm getting Fiber!
Maximum PC|November 2021
All of the internet, all of the time

The RAXE500 with WiFi 6E is $600, the WiFi 6 version though? $400

IT’S HAPPENING. It’s finally happening. I’m getting fiber to the property. Hopefully, soon, if I’m lucky. They’re digging up the road in my area and installing the good stuff in my town. Contractors are in, and the work is underway, or so I’ve been told.

I’m currently paying around $62 a month for 145Mb/s down and 17Mb/s up, which isn’t too bad. However, once the optical is installed, I should be able to get 900Mb/s up and down for just $68 a month. The only problem is, I’m still stuck in an 18-month contract, so I may have to wait a bit unless I pay to get out early.

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