Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wired Mouse
Maximum PC|Holiday 2021
A modern take on a classic design

FOR CORSAIR, the M65 has gained a reputation as a legendary mouse. In the world of these perfect pixel pointers, the very name commands the same amount of respect as the Razer Deathadder, the Logitech G series, or SteelSeries’ Sensei lineup. The M65 is the brand’s quintessential mouse, unchanging, unflinching, and in a somewhat significant shake-up compared with the other three we just listed, rather unique in its design approach.

The shape of this mouse sets it apart from its competitors. Its wide angle and long, sweeping thumb rest give it a broad presence that you might assume would make it a sure shot for fingertip and claw gamers and yet, it’s as equally at home with a palm-gripper too. It's comfortable and ergonomically impressive, there are no flared buttons or egg-shaped rears, just a clean-cut design, backed up by an impressive aluminum chassis. That’s the way it always was, and we can happily report, that it hasn’t changed one bit.

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