Corsair HS80 Wireless Headset
Maximum PC|October 2021
The most comfortable Corsair headset to date?

AS WELL AS MAKING a great range of PC peripherals, Corsair also prides itself on a solid lineup of gaming headsets across different budget levels. One of its most popular is the HS series and the latest addition to its arsenal, the HS80, takes a more premium approach to the rest of the bunch. So, is it a headset that should grab your attention?

The high-end approach is noticeable straight out the box. More premium materials have been used, including machined aluminum and a soft-touch rubberized plastic on the headband and in the center of the earcups. The only parts of the headset that feel cheap are the cups—it would have been nice had they been made out of the same soft touch rubber found in the centerpieces.

But on the whole, it feels a step above previous HS series models. Here, everything feels nicely weighted, including the swivel and pivot movement on the earcups, which gives you confidence in the quality. The headset feels durable, as it should do considering the $200 price tag. The design takes more inspiration from Corsair's Void series than its HS series and looks pretty slick, with an all-black color scheme and small iCUE RGB logos on each earcup. The cans are fairly large, but the soft fabric material cushions the ears.

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