Corsair HS70 Bluetooth
Maximum PC|February 2021
A no-nonsense, versatile headset

CAST YOUR MIND BACK six years. It’s 2015, Tom Brady’s... well you know, have been brought into question, the legendary Leonard Nimoy has passed away, the Apple Watch has just gone on sale, and everyone’s rocking a Core i5-4690K and Nvidia GTX 970 as the ultimate 1080p gaming rig.

In the world of headsets, however, there’s not much going on. SteelSeries has some stellar products, Razer’s got those bass-heavy muffled early Krakens, and Corsair has some very solid-looking units, but on the whole, when it comes to bang-for-buck, Kingston HyperX is the name of the game. Specifically with its Cloud headset. Fast-forward five years and things have changed quite dramatically. The market has been flooded with headsets at this sub-$100 price point, with each manufacturer and product line trying to carve out a chunk by edging out the others and convincing you to part with your hard-earned cash in an increasingly small playing field.

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