Corsair 4000D Airflow
Maximum PC|November 2020
Obsidian meets 2020

A COUPLE OF ISSUES back we waxed lyrical about Corsair’s first foray into the world of “gaming” office chairs. It’s not exactly a complex formula designing a chair. In fact there are ergonomic truths that mean inevitably you’re going to have a metal frame, five legs, a hydraulic riser, and generally the same design as practically almost every company out there. If you’ve built one chair from one brand, it’s likely you’ll be able to build any from all of the others. You’ll recognize the same bolts, the same fixtures, the same process. It’s all very similar. That’s a good thing, as it means you’re always going to end up with a quality product, as it’s a tried and true design. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, as the old saying goes.

The thing that made that Corsair chair stand out in particular, however, was the little extra touches the company added onto the product—the rubber Corsair caps to plug the screw holes, the padded side-walls on the seat, the comfortable “carbon fiber-finished” arm-wrests, the super-slick wheels. These tiny things made a big impact.

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