Acer Swift 3X
Maximum PC|October 2021
Could this be your portable productivity pal?

IT’S FAIR TO SAY that Acer’s laptop line is pretty diverse, covering everything from gaming-focused machines to Chromebooks, rugged laptops, and convertibles. It also does an interesting line in ultra-thin laptops, which is where you will find the Swift series. The model we have on review here is the Swift 3X. Are just 100 bucks shy of $1000, is this worth considering if you are on the lookout for a new portable work machine?

Despite its 14-inch screen, the Swift 3X is a small and compact laptop. At just 0.7in thick and weighing 3lbs, it’s thin and lightweight and easy to take with you on the go. It is light and comfortable to use on your lap, and yet maintains a more rugged feel than you would imagine.

The build quality is good, and while there is nothing groundbreaking about its design, those sleek, minimal looks won’t distract from your screen time and tasks. Our model features Acer’s steam blue color, which adds a premium-looking finish to the laptop, but it also comes in a sand-like safari gold. The teal blue hinge on the laptop feels a little out of place, but the Acer logos featured on the lid of the laptop and just below the screen are finished in a brass effect and go hand in hand with the steam blue finish.

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