Acer ConceptD 500
Maximum PC|December 2019
Acer enters the fray with new designer hardware
Christian Guyton

ACER RECENTLY came by to deliver us a presentation about its new line of products, the ConceptD range. Apparently, the D stands for “Design” not…. Well, who knew? Real talk, though, Acer has zeroed in on a key problem with the computer hardware market: Content creators are experiencing a dearth of purpose-built systems, instead opting to buy powerful gaming PCs for their 4K video-editing needs. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, if it weren’t for the fact that many working professionals don’t want a giant, glowing RGB unit shooting red and blue lighting all over the place.

So, the ConceptD 500. The standard desktop model in the ConceptD range (which includes laptops, monitors, and more) is a high-powered system, meant to integrate seamlessly and unobtrusively into office spaces with a simple, aesthetically pleasing design. Convenience is a cornerstone of this system’s design; the faux-wood finish on top includes a Qi wireless charging pad hidden beneath, enabling you to drop your phone atop the case for a battery boost. At the front, a quick press reveals a spring-loaded mount to hang a pair of headphones on. The top I/O is covered with an odd plastic shield that can be removed to access it; we get the impression that it would be tossed aside immediately by 95 percent of users, but that’s fine.

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