ASRock X570 Taichi - Steampunk Style On A Thoroughly Modern Mobo
Maximum PC|October 2019
Steampunk style on a thoroughly modern mobo.
Christian Guyton

NO, THE COGS DON’T MOVE. We were disappointed, too. Straight out the box, the X570 Taichi from ASRock looks as though it would be just as comfortable behind the control panel of a 1900s steam locomotive as it would inside a new PC build. It’s a solid piece, with a full metal backplate and heavy heatsink armor covering much of the board. We dig it. Refusing to be disillusioned by the lack of a piercing steam whistle when we first powered it up, we pressed on.

This is part of the vanguard of X570 motherboards introducing NVMe Gen4 support, which promises insane transfer speeds with M.2 drives. With a compatible SSD plugged in, the numbers speak for themselves. Our benchmark figure is an amalgamated score from several tests, but be assured that the transfer speeds did hit the legendary 5000MB/s on more than one run. These boards are designed to support the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs, which promise better performance than ever before.

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