Tronsmart Mega Pro Bluetooth speaker: Big bass, small price tag
Macworld|November 2021
The industrial design is a snore, but the performance will keep you from nodding off.

While the typical portable Bluetooth speaker tops out at 30 watts, Tronsmart's Mega Pro doubles up the power to 60 watts. And you'll definitely notice the impact. Sure, it's not much to look at: It's an all-black, metal-grilled monolith designed in the familiar shoebox form factor and weighing in at nearly four pounds, but Tronsmart seems to suggest your ears should do the heavy lifting.

Although the manufacturer doesn't break out channels or detail the sizes of its drivers, the company does say this unit contains dual tweeters, a single woofer and one passive radiator, and separate amplifiers for each channel. A 10,400mAh battery promises to provide about 10 hours of total playtime, which can be delivered via Bluetooth connection, 3.5mm AUX (cable included), or, curiously, via a micro SD card slot.

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