Neo Smartwatch - Kid-Friendly Comms Gadget
MacFormat UK|June 2021
Kid-friendly comms gadget
Jo Membery

£99 (contract from £7/month) FROM Vodafone, FEATURES 4G, 512MB storage, 5MP camera, GPS location, IP68 waterproof, AMOLED screen, Ocean or Mint colour options

Parenting’s an absolute doddle. Said no parent or carer ever. And one of the top 10 dreaded guardian moments has to be the one where you untie the apron strings and let little Jonny take his first tentative steps to a bit more independence. Thankfully, Vodafone has come up with an attempt to allay our fears, releasing a kids’ smartwatch that provides a means of two-way communication, camera, and GPS locator.

The watch costs £99, and you’ll need a Vodafone contract (£7/month for 24 months or £12/month for 12 months). The adult then needs to download the Vodafone Smart app (free). This gives a quick guide to the watch’s features – which is useful as there are no instructions in the watch box (bar how to change the strap).

The app has tabs for Chat – where you can either message or call; Map – to check on your child’s location; Calendar – to add and see what events your child has planned for the day; Activity – to see what steps and distance they’ve covered; Images – showing what photos they’ve snapped from the watch; and Settings – to control certain app features. You can also check on the watch’s battery status from the app.

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