Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch
MacFormat UK|April 2021
Redesigned earbuds retain signature quality sound
Rob Mead-Green

£129.95 FROM Cambridge Audio, FEATURES Wireless, touch and voice control, 7mm dynamic driver (graphene-enhanced), Bluetooth 5.0; frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, splash resistant to IPX4; battery life up to nine hours (earbuds); 41 hours (case) in Low Power mode, USB-C charging

The bullet-shaped Melomania 1 became one of our favourite pairs of wireless earbuds after we tested them back in MF344. Now their successors are here with an all-new design and improved sound.

The Melomania Touch’s new look is significant – Cambridge Audio created them using data points from over 3,000 pairs of ears, meaning they should fit comfortably, especially when paired with the included silicone fins and eartips (six pairs of which are included in various sizes).

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