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MacFormat UK|April 2021
Organise, edit and share shots with this digital asset app
George Cairns

$99.99 (about £72) FROM NEEDS macOS 10.14 or later

Back in the ol’ pre-digital days, we had fewer photographs to manage. Expensive rolls of film limited us to snapping 24 or 36 shots which then needed to be developed. As a result, we might restrict our shots to special occasions such as weddings and holidays. We could then pop our relatively small collection of photos into albums, store them on shelves and tell at a glance which album contained particular pictures. In these digital days, there are no limitations on the amount of photos we can snap as our iPhone’s camera is always with us. As a result, we may have thousands of photos scattered across multiple hard drives. This can make it a time-consuming task to hunt out specific shots.

Fortunately, apps such as Photo Studio for Mac 7 can help us take the tedium out of digital asset management. This app is packed full of tools to help us organise our shots and sort the wheat from the chaff. One of the most useful features of Photo Studio is that you don’t need to import photos from other folders or hard drives into a new location. You can simply browse to your shots wherever they happen to be and Photo Studio will remember where they are stored. This is a huge time (and space) saver!

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