Total War: Warhammer II
Gamesmaster|July 2017

Fantasy carnosaurage and epic scales

Matthew Elliott

You probably noticed something missing from Total War: Warhammer. Something pointy-eared, and haughty. The Wood Elves went some way to fixing this, but without the High Elves it felt like something essential was missing from Creative Assembly’s strategy game. The sequel aims to rectify this, and much, much more.

Warhammer 2 adds a whole continent called The New World, which includes Ulthuan, island refuge of the High Elves; the jungles of Lustria, home of the Lizardmen; and Naggaroth, a bleak landscape controlled by the Dark Elves. The Southlands are also part of the map – if Lustria is South America, the Southlands are located roughly where Africa is – but we don’t know who lives there yet. Three factions are confirmed, but a fourth, more secretive power is also expected. We’ll talk about that in a bit.

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