Post Ape-Ocalyptic
Gamesmaster|October 2017

Decisions abound in Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier.

Planet Of The Apes is enough of a phenomenon now that if you use the acronym ‘POTA’, then people may just know what you’re talking about. Three hit films and nigh-on $2bn later, it was inevitable that a game would follow. But with Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier, debut developer Imagination isn’t content to slap the POTA licensing on the trendy genre du jour and claim its paycheque. This is a super-cinematic interactive drama, incorporating a clever multiplayer element that’s unlike anything we’ve quite seen before.

Last Frontier takes place after civilisation’s collapse following the simian flu pandemic. Switching between the perspectives of a young simian in a rugged ape tribe and the leader of an agrarian group of humans, it’s an adventure where every choice, snarl, and uncouth chest-beat can affect who lives, who dies, and how things ultimately pan out.

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The coming months will bring a treasure trove of new movies, series and returning favorites

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Proactive Health Tips to Help Navigate Year 2 of the Pandemic

After months of unfamiliar restrictions and guidelines, pandemic fatigue is affecting how some Americans protect their health. However, experts warn that diligence is still extremely important because new mutations and variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 are being discovered. The typical cold and flu season also brings added threats to people’s health and wellness.

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Protect Yourself, Your Family From The Flu

Polk County schools are back in session which means your child is likely encountering many viruses every day. To protect their health and that of your family, the Florida Department of Health in Polk County encourages people 6 months of age and older to seek a flu shot on a yearly basis. The flu shot is the best way to protect families and communities against the spread of influenza.

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Broadway may not re-open until mid September, but tennis offers its own brand of live theatre in the preceding months

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An Open Mind: New York's Slam has no shortage of history, but it always evolves

In the last decade, Arthur Ashe Stadium got a roof, and a new Grandstand and Louis Armstrong Stadium debuted.

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Many Radical New Applications

For Moderna, going from startup to world-leading vaccine maker was challenging enough. Bringing messenger RNA to flu shots, cancer treatments, and more will be even harder

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Singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, choreographer, director, and model—Teyana Taylor does it all. No wonder she’s No. 1 on our Hot 100 list

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20 razones para amar a Berlanga

Un especial elaborado con las firmas de Luis Alegre, Josetxo Cerdán, Luis Parés, Elena S. Sánchez, Enric Albero, Sol Carnicero, Fernando Méndez-Leite, Manuel Hidalgo, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Félix Tusell, Andrea G. Bermejo, Rubén Romero Santos, Yago García, Carlos Marañón, Toni Vall, Santiago Alverú

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