Gamesmaster|July 2017

 So near, and yet so far

Eight months on from launch, PS VR feels like it’s still struggling to find its feet. Don’t get us wrong, the hardware is solid, and impressively accessible. It’s the software that’s lacking, with even its more impressive titles mostly so thin they feel more like tech demos than fully-fledged games.

Farpoint, then, carries a certain weight of expectation. What the platform needs right now is a truly triple-A experience, and that’s certainly what Sony’s marketing has promised. The reality, unfortunately, is rather less substantial.

It begins by stranding you (a space pilot) and two scientists on an alien world, via a strange wormhole. Separated from your buddies, you follow their trail in your search for a way home.

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राज्यसभा में हुए हंगामे पर तैनात सुरक्षाकर्मियों के बयान आए सामने

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