Computer Arts - UK|June 2020
ethos for 305 Fitness - Learn how the Montreal identity design studio rebranded one of America’s hottest fitness clubs


Rachel Lecompte In October 2018, Sadie Kurzban, the founder of 305 Fitness, contacted us to talk about the project. She wanted a new brand identity that would communicate the exciting, fun and irreverent tone of the 305 Fitness experience while making it accessible to a wider audience. The brand needed a more defined toolbox including a new logo and brand guidelines to unify all of its touchpoints.

We always begin an identity project with research to create a brand positioning strategy deck. This helps us understand the client’s market and audience. We watched videos of live workouts to see what motivates 305 members and the coaches. We noticed that the clientele are adults who want to stay fit, but would rather go to a dance party than a gym. They’re open-minded, fearless, loud, sexy and colourful. The 305 workout is efficient, and the coaches are fun and motivating. But what keeps customers coming back is the liberating feeling of being in a place where you can express yourself without being judged.

By identifying the market (fitness), the audience (people who prefer to dance rather than go to a traditional gym), the insight (they want to express themselves) and the creative theme (305 – Miami’s area code) we had a unique and relevant recipe. Our brand proposition became ‘305 – the most inclusive workout out there’.


Gabriel Lefebvre

The look that we wanted to create was a modern version of Miami’s classic Art Deco style, with a definite nightlife vibe. We referenced the Miami Art Deco colour palette, industrial design and graphic style to find a modern way of interpreting them.

We discarded the old logo straight away and explored several different ways of expressing the brand in a logo. The mark we created communicates the brand’s position, while being iconic, different and memorable in its category. It was created from two typefaces that we developed specifically for 305 Studio. ‘305’ is rendered in sporty, condensed sans-serif numbers that are easy to read and also form a square. Then, the slanted neon sign-style script font sits in front of them to add personality and style to the structure. The repetitive shape of the square 305 and the neon surround help make it memorable.

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