Creative Space
Computer Arts - UK|June 2020
Without’s creative director roly grant on the studio’s hand-crafted ethos

Co-founded by Philip Koh and Roly Grant in 2005, London-based studio Without specialises in food and drink, luxury, leisure and hospitality. Its aim is to make the world a tastier, healthier, more exciting place by creating brands for modern businesses of all sizes.

We’re in an old industrial building in Clerkenwell, blessed with huge windows and tall ceilings. We took over the space that was previously occupied by a video-editing outfit and had been split into small, dark, booths. The first thing we did was open up the space, removing most of the internal walls to let in light.

It was important to encourage different modes of work, allowing for interaction and collaboration, thinking spaces and privacy. So we have custom-built shelving that serves to divide the space into ‘rooms’ while maintaining a sense of openness and light.

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