A very Special Gift for Grandma
Spider Magazine for Kids|January 2021
Mom says it’s Grandma’s birthday next week. Jack says he’s going to make her something out of LEGO® blocks. Does Grandma even like that stuff? I want to give her something she’ll like.
By Stephanie Yu Lim

January 27

Dear Diary,

I know she really likes music because she always takes me to recitals at Carnegie Hall. The music’s nice, but I really like the bucket of peppermints they have in the front. You can just help yourself. My grandma always takes one just in case she coughs in the middle of the performance, but I grab a whole bunch.

I need to think of something fast. It has to be really special and better than Jack’s gift.

January 29

Dear Diary,

Guess what? I know what to get my grandma. A birthday recital! Shhh. I don’t want Jack to know.

I told my piano teacher today. She thinks it’s a great idea. She said I should play the first movement of Beethoven’s Sonata No. 20 in G major because it’s an impressive piece for a nine-year-old. I agreed because Beethoven is Grandma’s favorite composer.

My teacher also said that I should come up with my own version of “Happy Birthday” because that will be extra special. Now how am I supposed to do that?

I better start practicing.

January 30

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